Gym Floor Maintenance

Your staff will love your new Rhino floor; it will never require sanding, stripping or finishing. The non-porous material will not absorb mositure and does not support the growth of bacteria as with wood, poured or rubber floors.

Gym Floor Maintenance

Reasonable Maintenance with the Rhino Aluminum Oxide

The Smart Economical, Multi-Purpose Gym Floor for Schools, Clubs, Churches and public facilities. While performance is the primary benefit for your athletes, Rhino VTek sport surface are also designed for multi-purpose. Convert your gym into an economical multi-purpose "activity center" for family and Fellowship as well as competition at the highest levels.

HillyardHillyard pioneers research and development efforts that have made them a dominant force in the creation of innovative cleaning products. Quality is their hallmark, and their products are utilized by countless facilities across a wide variety of market segments. Their products are developed to support cost-effective maintenance programs. The Rhino Court Maintenance program utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and procedures designed to minimize labor and maintenance costs, while enhancing the appearance of their customers' facilities.

Whether it’s a basketball game, volleyball match, pep rally, community meeting or Fellowship, Rhino can convert your gym into an economical multi-purpose facility by installing colorful, long-lasting V-Tek composite synthetic authentic wood look flooring - the minimum maintenance flooring that never needs stripping or sanding.

No-finish maintenance eliminates sanding and other expensive labor and materials required for standard gym floors. Simply clean as needed with the Rhino Court Maintenance Kit. Choosing Rhino will let you enjoy some of the lowest life-cycle costs in the industry.

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