Gym Floor

VTek is available in multiple shades.

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Oak Gymnasium Floor

Gym Floor


Coaches and athletes agree that all sports participants require safe surfaces to reduce the effect of impact and fatigue injury. Rhino Sports offers a Maple synthetic floor system designed to provide optimal levels of resilience and traction— meeting the budget requirement for facilities that prefer a solution with the look and feel of wood without spending the money on suspended wood and complicated HVAC systems and rigid maintenance requirements

VTek FeetRhino’s VTek synthetic wood flooring infuses energy return for competitive play, reducing stress to knees and ankles. The resilient surface provides ultimate traction for quick stop-and-go-action. Using a state-of-the-art suspended floor design, our VTek synthetic wood flooring reduces lateral trauma on stops, starts and turns, minimizing injuries to ankles, knees, lower back and shins.

The VTek synthetic wood flooring is engineered by athletes, for athletes – for the play of the game. The square foot size, extra thick top surface, and power cube sleeper supports provide optimal performance and "sweet-spot" ball response wherever the ball bounces.

** Currently Oak is in stock and available for immediate shipment. For all other colors please email for a quote on estimated shipping time. **

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